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Elite Chamberlain EL25 telephone entry and access control system

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Product Description

Elite Chamberlain EL25 telephone entry and access control system

      Unmatched in its class, the EL25 is designed to easily manage between 1 and 25 occupants with a total of 250 access codes. And unlike other systems, the EL25 can be purchased as a standard unit without any unnecessary options. This lets you choose only the plug-in modules you need depending on the specifics of the job, and allows you to offer custom solutions right off the shelf without special orders.

Available modules let you expand the system with complete control. An optional Wiegand module lets you add on card readers, prox readers and keypads to control up to four separate entrances around the property. An optional RF module provides convenient access through gates or doors with PassportTM transmitters.

Features and Specifications


  • Do Not Disturb
  • Call Forwarding
  • Call Waiting
  • Recessed, Lighted, ADA-Compliant Keypad
  • Auto Sensor Input
  • Non-Volatile Memory (will retain database information in the event power is cut off from the unit.)
  • Daylight Savings/Leap Year (automatic calendar adjusts for seasonal and annual time changes to avoid continual programming adjustments.)
  • Call Button
  • Entry Codes
  • Holiday Programming
  • Time Zones
  • Anti-Passback
  • Enhanced Security
  • Automatic Gate/Door Unlock Schedule
  • Transaction Monitoring
  • Activity Reports
  • Remote Updates

    EL25 Telephone Entry System allows you to purchase base units that can be easily upgraded with additional options and functionality.

    The versatile design incorporates simple, snap in-place, modular additions of Camera, Wiegand and RF Modules providing the flexibility to create and sell ?custom? configured units from stock base units. The design gives distributors and installers the option to quickly adapt one of our base units to suit the job at hand ? it?s a ?Build as You Go? hardware approach.

    The EL25 Telephone Entry System enters the market with many enhanced, value added design features:

    Heavy duty, corrosion resistant zinc alloy for the outer casting while the back plate is constructed from 340 grade stainless steel.

    Powder coat finish protects product from the elements. The EL25 sports the same tough ASTM tested finishes used for outdoor patio furniture and farm implements. Today?s powder coating options are formulated to protect from corrosion and UV attack as well as stand up to abrasion and scratches.

    The EL25 is completely sealed ? everywhere ? and locked tight with a high strength keyed mechanism. Multiple gaskets protect the product ? one between the casting and the back plate, another around the keypad, the light blocks, the speaker assembly, and the call button.

    All of the assembly screws are stainless steel and are self containing to prevent against dropping and losing them. The main board and all module boards are conformal coated for maximum corrosion protection. Features and Benefits Delivery

    The Chamberlain ELITE EL25 telephone entry and access control system is designed with features that make it installer friendly while providing distributors and installing dealers the free

    ADA designed keypad is lit with six high intensity LED lights and utilizes tactile markings and audio response so you can easily locate and operate the unit and keys.

    Keypad design supports additional flexibility in how the product can be configured - with the removal of the unit?s main board the keypad can be rotated to support either a portrait or landscape product orientation.

    The design goal for the internal components was first and foremost about simplicity. Saving the installer time in the field and time to learn how to get the unit installed and configured was paramount in the design considerations.

    A unique hinge mechanism that facilitates installation. The hinge design allows the installer to easily disconnect the main unit from the back plate during installation to simplify mounting. This removable hinge design also let?s the installer remove the base unit whenever the circumstances necessitate. The base unit can be quickly removed and worked on in a more comfortable environment.

  • The wires can be conveniently fed through the back plate access hole located in the middle of the four mounting screw holes.
  • The back plate has ?snap on? IO input and output boards that contain all the unit?s electrical connections supported by easy to read silk screened labels to help identify the function of each connector.
  • Once the back plate is connected to the wall or post the installer has both hands free to wire the unit and plug the connectors into the boards.
  • LED indicator status lights for each of the four 5-amp relays.
  • Includes two simple plug-in cables that complete all the connections between the IO boards and the main board. It?s a very simple design approach for completing the unit connections.
  • The main board is easy to access and remove because it sits right on top held in place by four self contained stainless steel hex head screws.
  • The main board has eight easy to find stand off posts that automatically orient either the Wiegand or RF Module onto the main board in seconds ? it?s a hassle free, plug in approach to adding features and functionality.
  • Next to the main board is the optional Camera board module. Three camera board options to meet varied project requirements. Standard 380 line black and white or color cameras, and a 480 line, low lux DVR compatible color camera.
  • The basic modular options include:
  • Three camera choices
  • RF Module.
  • Fully compatible with our secure, rolling code enabled Passport Radio Receiver and Transmitter system.
  • You can accommodate up to 250 cards and or transmitters combined.
  • Wiegand module.
  • Fully compatible with any 26 or 30 bit Wiegand output allowing you to add compatible Card Readers and Key Pads. The following are some of the things that make the EL25 a real value added entrant into the perimeter protection market.
  • The EL25 is built to be a highly functional and adaptable access control system with 25 directory codes, 250 access codes and event tracking of up to 1,000 transactions.
  • The base unit is built with 4 controllable relays programmable to accommodate several useful configurations of door strikes, alarm shunts, CCTV and ?Control? relays.
  • Versa XS? software provides features like time zones, holiday scheduling and tenant management.


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