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liftmaster logic board guide

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Liftmaster Circuit Board Reference
Mfg Date Deluxe - Chain & Belt Drive Standard - Chain Drive Screw Drive
1993 41A4252 41A4252-1 N/A
1993 41A4252-4 41A4252-5 N/A
1993 41A4252-6 41A4252-7 N/A
1994 41A4252-6A 41A4252-7A N/A
1995 41A4252-6B 41A4252-7B N/A
1996 41A4252-6C 41A4252-7C 41D4674-1C
1996-2004 41A4252-6D 41A4252-7D 41D4674-1D
2004 41A4252-6E 41A4252-7E 41D4674-1E
2005 41A4252-6F 41A4252-7F 41D4674-1F
Current 41A4252-6G 41A4252-7G 41D4674-1G

Replace with:

41A4252-6G 41A4252-7G 41D4674-1G


Security + Operators Built from 1997 - 2005:
Manufacture Date Deluxe - Chain Drive Standard - Chain Drive Chamberlain Screw Drive Liftmaster Screw Drive
1997 41A5021 41A5021-1 41D4674-14 41D4674-10
1998 41A5021-B 41A5021-1B    
1999 41A5021-C 41A5021-1C   41D4674-10C
1999 41A5021-D 41A5021-1D 41D4674-14D 41D4674-10D
2000 41A5021-E 41A5021-1E 41D4674-14E 41D4674-10E
2003 41A5021-F 41A5021-1F 41D4674-14F 41D4674-10F
2003 - 2005 41A5021-G 41A5021-1G 41D4674-14G 41D4674-10G
2004 41A5021-H 41A5021-1H    
current 41A5021-I 41A5021-1I 41D4674-14H 41D4674-10H
Replace with: 41A5021-I 41A5021-1I 41D4674-20 41D4674-20
** Note: Liftmaster no longer makes the plastic covers for screw drive openers, so when you purchase the 41D4674-20.
You only get the circuit board and need to re-use your plastic backer panel. This only applies to the noted models.
Security + Operators Built from 1997 - 2005:
Manufacture Date Belt Drive Liftmaster Screw drive Chamberlain chain drive
1999 41A5021-5D    
2000 41A5021-5E 41A5389-1  
2003 41A5021-5F 41A5389-1C  
2003-2005 41A5021-5G 41A5389-1D  
2004 41A5021-5H    
current 41A5021-5I 41A5389-1E 41A5635
replace with 41A5021-5I 41A5389-1E 41A5635

Security + Operators built from 2001 - 2005 with 2 Piece Circuit Boards:

Mfg Date Chain Drive - Deluxe End Panel Chain Drive - Standard End Panel Belt Drive

DC Belt Drive units without battery backup

DC Belt Drive units with battery backup
2001 - 2002 41A5483 41A5483-1 41A5483-4 41A5507  
2003 - 2005 41A5483B 41A5483-1B 41A5483-4B 41A5507B 41A5507-6
2006 41A5483C 41A5483-1C 41A5483-4C    

Replace with









New Style Security + (315 MHz) Operators built from 2005 - Current with 2 Piece Circuit Boards:
MFG DATE AC Chain Drive Deluxe End Panel

AC Chain Drive Standard Panel

Chain Drive - Contractor AC Belt Drive

DC Belt Drive units

DC Jackshaft Model 3800
2005 - Current

41AC050-2 (For 1/2 HP)

41AC075-2 (for 3/4 HP)

41AC050-1 41A5021-1H-315 41AB050-2 41DB001-1 41DJ001
Replace with:

41AC050-2, 41AC075-2



41A5021-1H-315 41AB050-2 41DB001-1 41DJ001

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