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Allstar Garage Door Remotes

Allstar garage door opener remotes are typically 318mhz and use binary +0 dip switch settings or trinary +0- settings to operate the doors. The 9921 is a binary whereas the 9931T is a trinary and they are not compatible due to one being binary and the other trinary even though they are on the same frequency of 318mhz. The allstar 110995 works on both binary and trinary and is the most universal remote within the allstar brand, it only works on allstar doors however and is not universal to other brand garage doors. The allstar brand has three different names as well that are compatible with it. Allister and Pulsar are the other names that Allstar is associated with and their part numbers and model numbers work interchangeably. Check the back of your allstar garage door opener remote or user manual for your current model number if you are looking for a replacement part. The remotes and receivers should work based on the MVP or non-mvp model number you might have. WE offer a 30 day money back guarantee on these allstar door opener remotes and parts, but please check with us if you are not sure which part number you need.