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doorking remotes & telephone entry

Click an image to ONLY see remotes, telephone entry, or other specific parts you are looking for. Doorking telephone entry like the doorking 1812 and other systems are sold here. DoorKing gate operator and garage door remotes provide convenience and security. These high end gate operators use high levels of security like the micro click with wiegand readers on their gates and garage door opener remotes. DoorKing has chosen to market its products only to professional companies, who are licensed to sell, install and service vehicular gate operating systems and access control equipment. DKS currently has a network of over 2000 professional dealers, distributors and representatives nationwide.

DoorKing access control systems

DoorKing Inc. is one of the largest and oldest manufacturers of access control and vehicular gate operator systems in the United States. Some of the best applications of their products are the following. They are ideal for high security wireless RF access control. DKS provides remote operation of vehicular access gates from the safety and convenience of a car or truck. Thus they provide safer access control. There is no need for vehicles to stop and roll down a window to gain entry. Some of the advanced features include encrypted "sync" code changes each time the transmitter is used. The result is that copied transmitter codes are useless. Receivers are designed for high traffic multi-user applications. Over 268,000,000 MicroPLUS transmitter codes are available by the push of a button. The DoorKing model 8054 programmable receiver is ideal for stand alone applications and can be used with up to 1250 MicroPLUS transmitters. The model 8055 receiver is designed for single-family applications and model 8056 sends the received transmitter data to a companion wiegand controller in 26, 30 or 31 bit formats. This works with up to 5300 MicroPLUS transmitters. So there are a variety of solutions to fit your needs with these products.