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flash2pass highbeams and headlight garage openers

Flash 2 pass high beams and headlights

Flash to Pass technologies for motorcycles and cars offers a convenient way to flash your highbeams and open your garage door. Flash2Pass and Tap2Pass technology can be used with cell phones now as well by utilizing their free app. Flash2Pass turns your existing headlight high beam switch into a transmitter for your automatic garage door opener. It works with virtually any vehicle with a 12-volt system. Flash2Pass operates with most automatic garage door opener brands manufactured since 1982 up to the present. There are easy do-it-yourself instructions included for the DIY homeowner. Flash 2 Pass can be installed in less than 15 minutes with standard household tools. Flash2Pass turns the existing headlight high beam switch in the residents vehicle into a transmitter for gate access. Their integrated system provides state-of-the-art community security and interfaces with our Passkey software for full control and reporting capabilities on a standard Windows based PC. These products offer true resident convenience. One Flash2Pass transmitter can be used to open the community gate, garage door, and optionally, the individual homeowners garage door.