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Flash2Pass Flash 2 Pass Complete Set

currently on back order till may 2014
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Product Description

Flash 2 Pass Complete Set


  •  Electronically integrate the activation of your garage door opener remote into your headlights. The high beam switch will now open your garage door.
  • The Flash2Pass complete set includes the new, second generation, patented Flash2Pass transmitter, and its corresponding receiver.
  • The Flash2Pass receiver is designed to replace the push button inside your garage. If you have additional functions on your push button that you would like to keep, the receiver can be installed next to your original pushbutton and piggybacked to it.
  • The Flash2Pass transmitter and receiver are packaged as a set that is pre-programmed at the factory, or they are available individually. For instance, if you had a two-car garage with one large door for both bays, you would buy one set and an additional transmitter. The additional transmitter would be installed in the second vehicle and the receiver programmed to accept it.
  • A double flash of your headlight high beams opens or closes your garage door.
  • A small one time investment gets you the maintenance free system.



  • No remote transmitter to get lost or stolen.
  • No battery to buy or replace Flash2Pass gets its power from your car.
  • Uses digitally encrypted signal and rolling code technology for ultimate security.
  • Quick and easy do-it-yourself installation.
  • Up to six transmitters may operate a single receiver.
  • Additional receivers may be installed elsewhere and programmed to your Flash2Pass equipped vehicle.
  • Works with virtually any garage door opener manufactured since 1982.

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  • The transmitter is a radio frequency device that is mounted under the hood of the car. It is relatively small, approximately 2 x 2 x 3/4 and is attached under the hood with either the enclosed screws, or the plastic zip tie included. The wires are attached with quick crimp connectors to the headlight high beam positive wire and to the ground wire. The Flash2Pass transmitter is non-polarized so you can attach either wire to the headlight wires.
  • If you have a vacation home with a garage door opener you could get an additional Flash2Pass receiver for it and then program your car to open it as well. That way, you don't have to remember to bring the remote with you. It will always be at your fingertips both at home and on vacation.
  • If you live in a gated community and the community installed the F2P Integrated Control Access System, you would be able to access the community gate, and your individual garage door. We call this the gate to garage concept. Also if you worked in a place that had some sort of parking control and the F2P ICAS were in place, you again could use your Flash2Pass transmitter to gain access, assuming you were authorized and/or programmed into the receiver.
  • For those of you familiar with the original Flash2Pass, the new second generation unit has several enhancements over the first generation:
  • Easier to use: The transmitter allows the two flashes to be from two-tenths of a second to two seconds apart, allowing a more natural double-click.
  • Doggie Door feature that allows the garage door to be stopped in a partially open state to allow pets to enter and exit the garage.
  • The new receiver case is a soft gray ABS plastic and is more durable.

    For complete programming instructions click here: Flash2Pass


The installation is a snap, and it works great for the highbeams. You can install the receiver next to the garage door on the adjoining wall. The range is good for highbeams but It still is an alternative to using an opener. Especially with no place to hide one on a bike or getting off the bike to use the outside keypad.

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