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fuh gate roller giudes and replacement parts


FUH gate hardware

FUH steel v groove wheels and gate hardware for residential and commercial operations. FUH offers slide gate chain in 2 different sizes. FUH is a gate and garage manufacturer specializing in steel v groove wheels and replacement parts. FUH also makes the following parts: chains (stainless steel, CAST, combination, forged, table-top), sprockets (QD, TL, finished Bore), bearings & mounted bearings, couplings HRC/Fenaflex/PIN/MH/Rigid/JAW and more), belts (V-Belt A, B, C,D /Timing/ Fractional Horsepower 3L,4L,5L/ Narrow Wedge 3V,5V,8V), shaft collars (stainless steel, single/double split),pulleys, bushings, gear reducers, disc brakes, gears & racks, gate hardware, metal works, power locks, adapter sleeves, wheels (V/U-grooved), gate/fence chains, accessories, and custom metal work for casting, forging, and machining.