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garage door openers

A click away remotes offers every major garage door opener brand currently available in the marketplace today. We supply remotes, clickers, keypads, receivers, replacement parts, and a whole lot more. The most effective way to find your garage door opener is simply shopping by the brand name first. Second, we suggest looking at a model number on the back of a remote or a wireless keypad. In the event that this doesn't give you sufficient enough information to make a solid purchase decision, please call us or use our compatibility charts. Aftermarket remotes and openers are supplied by firefly and stinger remotes. These often have a longer range and are cheaper than the OEM Liftmaster remotes and Genie garage door openers. In an effort to expand and improve the customer's shopping experience we have listed all of our garage door opener products in two different ways for convenience. First, you can shop by the brand name of the garage door manufacturer to find the right replacement part you are looking for. Second, you can shop by the category description like remotes, gate hardware, receivers, or other specific related garage door part descriptions. As a general guideline, we have provided a breakout of the garage remotes and products by sub listings under each brand name. However, if you choose to search by remote or gate repair part name, simply use the search bar above and it will try and find the closest match based on your garage door search. We are based in Los Angeles and serve all of the USA via online ordering or by phone. If you cannot find a garage door opener part that you believe is still made today, please call us and we will check our database and inventory to see if it can be made available to you. As always, we offer a 30 day money back guarantee and warranty the parts though the manufacturer as well. We provide as much description as we can for the door opener remotes and parts so you can make the right purchase decision the first time around. Thanks for shopping at A Click Away Remotes, your online garage door opener store!