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Multicode Keypads

The multicode keypad 4200 is the only keypad made for mutlicode and multi elmac garage doors. This page uncovers some of the unparalleled features of MultiCode 4200 Keypad for your garage doors and gates. You can easily access your garage with a sure fire safety in a hassle-free way with this 300MHz, 10-dip switch unit. It consists of weather proof casing and helps you to find its location with its back light keypad for night time visibility.

With the use of MultiCode 4200 Keypad as your wireless garage door keypad system, you don’t need to install the hardware manually that takes a lot of your time. You can easily install MultiCode 4200 even when you’re replacing a new garage door. In this way, you have a lot of better economic options for large garages that have many doors.

MultiCode 4200 is a versatile and reliable, dip-switch operated remote that operates well on a single channel, single device way. Its robust construction makes it the perfect for your garage door any time of day.