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multicode manuals

If you have a multicode garage door, you might be wondering the right way of programming your remote openers. You can click on the image and see the complete description of each remote. These are multicode, so you can use them on different garage openers. We have five various multicode types – the Multicode Garage Door Remotes, Multicode Keychain Remotes, Multicode Keypads, Multicode Receivers, and Multicode Replacement Parts.

The extraordinary thing about this multicode garage door openers is that they can operate on 300mHz and have ten dip switch settings. They come with a battery compartment, and you can set your codes easily.

With the Multicode Garage Door Remotes, they work all the same. They are interchangeable, so you have nothing to worry about if you want to change them later. It's up to you if you're going to set them into one-button, two-button, or four-button remotes.

Just make sure about your current remote, whether it is multicode or multi-elmac. You can always check the back of the remotes to see its corresponding number of the garage door. If they don’t have the same frequency, then your new remote will never work the same. We are the Linear corporation that handles all the multi-codes garage door remote for a variety of frequencies and sizes.

What’s more, you can choose from the multicode's several sizes and designs. We have receivers, visor sized transmitters, keychain-sized remotes, circuit boards.

Here's how to program your Multicode garage doors efficiently.

  • Make sure that your current remote has the same corresponding number to the frequency of the garage door.
  • Prepare your new remote, and loosen the screw of the back cover. 
  • Open the back of your remote. You'll then see the pin and see if it's the same with your current frequency as you open the end.
  • Line the remote and frequency to set them into the same number. Light them up to place them into the same frequency.
  • As you set them into the same number, you are ready to go. Put the screws all together afterward.