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Stanley Keychain Remotes

The Stanley Keychain Remotes page offers you a range of garage door button styles.

Stanley Keychain Remotes are simply keychain that remarkably work as garage door remote openers. They are perfectly designed as a very handy and compact device for easier access and operation. Stanley Keychain Remotes, though, offer only two types: the dip switch style and then secure code remotes.

One of the most exceptional units that Stanley Keychain Remotes promotes is the SecureCode, which consists of three buttons but you only need one touch programming button. You need not to worry of dip switches to set. SecureCode is compatible with all Stanley SecureCode garage door openers.

Stanley Keychain Remotes are used for remote activation of your garage door from your own car. This is used most especially when you’re pulling into the driveway. You can conveniently activate the garage door using the control attached to your keychain. You just need to pull up your keychain and instantly feel the convenience and safety from simple automation.

The stanley keychain remotes are limited as their are only two types. There is the dip switch style and the secure code remotes listed below.